So I've been wanting to buy a vintage Fender guitar, something before 74', not only to play but also for it's history and collectable value.

I've seen a few Fender Musicmasters around, from the mid 60's that are still relatively affordable. I really like the look of them but I'm thinking they must of been crap otherwise they would still be making them today.. if you catch my drift here.

I think I may just buy an ancient tele instead. Any advice on what to look for when buying vintage fenders?
It really depends on the condition. I wouldn't want to dish out the cash for vintage guitar if its in **** condition. but if you find a vintage guitar in good condition go buy it, they used to make them really nice
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Truly collectable Fenders are pre-CBS and verrrry expensive. If you are serious about buying one, make sure you are dealing with a reputable dealer/individual. The trend these days is to ask big bucks for guitars just because they are fifteen or twenty years old. This does NOT make them collectable or investment worthy.
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