hey for you acoustic players out there. I was wondering what brand of picks you use and what thickness. what do you use for strumming and what do you use for for a combination of strumming and picking or just picking. When I'm playin my acoustic I mostly use a .50mm dunlop tortex pick. (red ones)
I also was wondering if anyone has experience with Ice Pix. I've read they're made out of metal. How do they sound when they're played on an acoustic?
my favourite pics are (both for acoustic and electric) dunlop tortex 0.88 (green) and 1.14 (purple). but i use green ones more when playing acoustic...
I like to use Jim Dunlop Tortoise Shell Mediums and Extra Heavys. The Mediums are for strumming and the Extra Heavys are for single notes.
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dunlop tortoise shell the .73's (yellows) many many bands use them so i use them because anything to get a more exact sound right?
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I'm not picky about pick brands. I just buy (often store brand name) medium thickness. Currently using a Fender medim.
Jimmy Dunlop 0.38mm-0.55mm Nylon String Picks ... booyah! Oh ya and sometimes the Tortoise "stubby" light guage for picking.
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Dunlop Tortex .60
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purple dunlop .96mm picks the are awesome for finger picking but for strumming i use .76mm it just sounds better, but sorry man never even heard of metal pix!!
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anyone heard of\uses sharpfin?

Think you mean "Sharkfin" by Landstrom, they come in (as far as i know) 2 thicknesses .40 and .75 (red and white respectively) and i use the .40 pretty much soley for acoustic. Its a bit soft for some peoples tastes, but if you strum the crap out of it and you can easly achive high volume plus that lovely percussive sound on barre muted chords (sounds so much better with a soft pick )

Plus you can control how flexible the pick is by sliding your pointer finger over the back "overlapping" part of the back of the pick, good for faster picking
dunlop tortex-orange one, dont know how thick it is cause it smudged off. I like to use between .60mm-.80mm
finger picker all the way, chords, licks, anything.
i use only pick only if i break a nail.
i have this 1.05 mm sharkfin (black) that i just tore up with a knive, the tip i left, but i cut it so that it makes 3 endges with a grip in the middle, each with a diff shape and thickness. ones the normal edge pick, a wide pick for full body chords, and this thick little needle that i solo with.
vary vary usefull when you want to switch from picking to strumming.
made like 3 of em, they're getting old now. suggest you all try it when really really bored, the picks are cheap anyway, and they're nothing like personlising ur own equipment.

for those of you who think finger pick is inpossible at high speeds, well ur kinda right.
instead of using 4 fingers when soloing i just use my index nail, griping with my middle and my thumb like a pick. you don't hold the nail it slef, but near the tip of the finger. you can't go insanly fast but it's acoustic, your not ment to rip the strings apart
I'm not picky about pick brands. I just buy (often store brand name) medium thickness. Currently using a Fender medim.

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I use Snarling Dogs Brain picks, .88mm - the black ones. Those things grip like crazy, I've never dropped one while playing.
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I use Snarling Dogs Brain picks, .88mm - the black ones. Those things grip like crazy, I've never dropped one while playing.

I use the .73mm red ones, I use the .88's too. I use the .73's for most strumming or whatever, and the .88s for most flinger picking (bass notes) and most lead picking.
I actually did have one fall off my finger before, last weekend 6:30 in the morning after partying for 9 and a half hours and working all that day.. but yeah i've never had a brain fall off my fingers when I was fully awake.
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.73mm nylon Dunlop for strumming and .88mm for picking. The .60mm also give a nice sound for strumming only.
Sharkfin, red (.75mm) So vesatile. Love the soud they produce. Noticed that as I got better so my grip loosened. I now have much greater control and can add subtle nuances to my sound. Cheers
I use fender mediums, black cellunoid just bought this fo w/e
but im looking for better ones il be going to GC soon so i was wondering which i should get some of the time sense the pick i thin is a bit to big i hit the wrong string or 2 i need one for fast picking and that has good grip becaus i practie with freinds outside so it gets hot and my ginfers get sweaty so i drop it a lot and well i think its to big i keep on hitting eb when i just want to hit E

any suggestions
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I also was wondering if anyone has experience with Ice Pix. I've read they're made out of metal. How do they sound when they're played on an acoustic?

metal picks are usually a bad idea for acoustics, there is something about the composition of acoustic strings (vs. electric strings) that causes them to get little nicks and dents in them when struck with "penny picks" or metal picks, but i can't say that i've ever heard of ice pix
I use my Fingers or Quarters. But if i have to use a pick I dont care what brand as long as its about medium thickness.
I use a variety of picks ranging from .60mm to 2.00mm. I use softer picks for Acoustic (I rarely finger pick, not my style), and the harder one for my electric. I have one pick which is roughly about 1.60mm thick, and very small, which I love using for pinch harmonics.

But yeah, I basically use a wide variety.
george dennis 0.88...been using the same one for over a year now so i can testify to their durability
Usually I just use my fingers for acoustic (and electric for that matter) but when I do use a pick for acoustic, its either:

.58mm celluloids (around that thickness anyway) for strumming/picking my 6 string

.38mm Dunlop Nylon (white ones) for strumming my 12 string. If I use a heavier pick it doesn't sound as good, as it plucks the lower octave string harder. If I use a.38mm pick it means that the higher octave strings are plucked, but the pick isn't stiff enough to pluck the lower octave strings that hard, so all the strings ring out at around the same volume.

Dunlop thumbpick which I sometimes use for fingerpicking when a more defined bass note is needed.

Dunlop fingerpicks for fingerpicking my 12 string for Leo Kottke stuff
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dunlop sharp, 073 mm...thats all i need for strumming/single notes....but i ususally fingerpick anyway
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well i use The picks from my local guitar shop which are a bit thicker than medium

and i use the pink dunlop 0.32 and the tortiose shell colored fender mediums

and occasionly the dunlop jazz III teardrop pick
I use picks from my local guitar shop, I'm not picky so I usually use any picks I happen to come across.

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