Im going into Guitar Center possibly today, and I was wondering what amps I should look at in this price range. I want something that I can gig with, and I want something small, so Im looking at probably a tube combo. I play metal, hard rock, and some classic rock. Im thinking of getting a B-52 AT 112, but thats the only tube amp Ive played in my price range. I have about $500 dollars, so I could probably get something within $500 to $600. Also, Im thinking that if I dont have enough money, I could trade in my Spider II 30 watt. How much do you think they would take for that? It would be cool if I had enough money from the trade in to get the AT 212 instead. Thanks in advance.
The B-52 sounds like it would be pretty good. Also try to find a smaller Peavey XXX combo. Those are about the only amps that I can think of in your price range.
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I got this used fender deville amp for 500$ and it kicks ass...

But i need some kind of overdrive pedal...my MT-2 isnt cutting it