Hey. I was wondering if anyone could direct me, or just tell me some good Chords that can be played in drop c tuning. Anythin is good, whether it be melodic, or mean sounding...anything. i just get tired of playing with my index finger...or just using regular chords you know? Anything would be great!! thx !
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if you tired of playing with just your index finger, tune the 6th string to d, and its normal, just a step down
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if it's standard C tuning, all the same chord shapes as standard E tuning are still applicable, just lowered 2 whole steps. if it's true drop c (CGCFAD), then all the same chord shapes as drop D are still applicable, just lowered a whole step. and if you're working in some funky drop C of your own (CADGBE or something like that), you'll have to figure them out on your own.
you can play all the same chords as you can with standard e. except now if the root is on the 6th string you're going to have to move it up 2 frets.
yeah you can play all the same chords you could in drop D, they'd just be one step lower....
I don't think you could make a chord sound melodic, that's what single notes are for.
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When I'm in a drop tuning, I usually don't mess with the 6th string. Simplifies my life a little bit. So if you're trying to play a B chord with a bar at the 7th fret, instead of trying to do this:

I just do this:
E|-7-|    E|---|
B|-7-|    B|-7-|
G|-8-| or G|-8-|
D|-9-|    D|-9-|
A|-9-|    A|-9-|
D|---|    D|---|