As the title says, im looking for a marshall head that would fit these specs, under 1000 if possible, if not, then under 1500. thanks!

oh and btw, i have a gibson SG Standard if that makes any difference
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used JCM 800 maybe?

That is exactly what you will need it will hit there tones perfect. you should be able to get a halfstack for 1200
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Marshall Mg, it nails every possible tone from 50's rock to nu-metal.

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the 2203 or 2204 they are single channel the 2203 is the 100watt version the 2204 is the 50 watt version.

while there are also two channel versions the 2210 is the 100watt 2 channel and the 2205 is the 50watt 2 channel

Any would be good for what you need it depedsn if you need two channels or not. and the 2203 is the legendary amp that everyone famous used
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