Recently I've been trying to do very slow chromatic runs and I cannot stop my pinky from shooting up an inch everytime I do pull-off runs, i.e. 4p3p2p1. Do I just continue practicing this at very slow speeds or are there some tips people have?

Also, should the forearm always be perpendicular [at 90 degrees] to the neck when doing scaly runs? I'm finding it pretty stressful on my wrist when trying to do the thumb behind the neck approach (fanning my fingers out).
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I do not want to start a fire here with technique but guitar is a double edge sword as far as that is concern. Most of your instructors or books will specified that it is imperative to keep your thumb in the back of the fret board all the time, I believed the same thing about 20 years ago. I watch guitar players that hardly ever put their thumb in the back of the fret board when they were soloing that ate guitar players up alive. What I started to realize was it really didn?t matter if you used the absolute correct technique just as long as the point got across to the listener. It goes both ways, look at some of the greatest guitar players in the last century, their thumb is on top of the fret board. I started using my thumb more on the top of the fret board to ease the pain in my hand which made my pull-offs as well as hammer-ons much easier to do, it enable me to pull across the with my finger tip instead of lifting up my finger.
Double-edged indeed, but I appreciate the opinion.

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The pain in your hand is from bad technique, but since you can just "ignore" it then...oh well :P. Regardless, you have to be relaxed while you're playing, if not the tension in your muscles will cause things to over-stress.
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Im not trying to brag or anything, but im pretty good for only having been playing a month. I play about 1-2 hours every day, about 35 days strait....

Yay for 35 day months!
yea i made a post about this not to long ago, im a little better now though.

My biggest problem was pushing down with my middle finger, thats when my pinky shot up. I did chromatics slow and easy, forcing your pinky to hover right above the fret.

I would also just mash my middle finger down on a fret, and force my pinky to stay right above whatever fret it was at, and then apply even more pressure to my middle finger, and forcing my pinky to stay in the same place right above the fret. And then I would easy up pressure doing the same with my pinky
focus on keeping all your fingers very close to the strings. The farther away they are the more tension you build in your fingers. Actually, playing is a very relaxed state in the hands.

It's hard to believe until you get that fell.