What do you all think about the Rocktron Prophesy ? I know Dave Mustaine uses them, I was interested in maybe looking into one, but I wanted to see other people's opinions on it. You know, pros vs. cons.
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Its a rack mount pre-amp and effects.

I've never tried one but the reviews that I've read have been very good.
Matched with a good power amp, its supposed to be a great rig.
I keep my eye out for them on ebay but there quite expensive.
Rocktron make some good gear, I've got an Xpression and it sounds nice.
People are not too happy with rocktron, but if your fave artist uses it ... it might be good to try it out your own, you never know what they did to the mix to get that awesome tone. I don't recommend it, but I won't say you shouldn't get it.
"People are not too happy with rocktron"

Isn't that a bit of a generalisation Pieter?
I'm happy with my Rocktron product. The Hush Super C is highly regarded
and I've heard guitarists rave about the old Rocktron Replifex