mess with my neck? Will it warp if it stays long in that tuning? I have 3 guitars, a classical guitar which is currently tuned to Open G for some slide, a Squier Strat with 0.10's on em and a Fender Strat with 0.9's. Will changing the tuning warp my Fender or Classical?

Any help is granted.
The thickness of the strings may affect the pressure on the bridge and neck, I dont think it would cause any long term damage.
i wouldn't leave it in G when your not playing it. Tune it back to Standard once your done if your not going to use it for like a day or two.
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i wouldnt worry bout the classical though not much pressure from nylons
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^intonation needs to be set, you can have your intonation set to open G tuning and you can leave it in the setting.
i dont see how it would warp your neck seeing as you down tune the strings for open G. ive had no problems with any of my guitars in open G and sometimes i just leave them that way and they are fine.
Nope it would cause absolutely no damage. The truss rod might have to be adjusted because the changing of the strings might cause a curve in the neck. If so, let a proffesional do it so you don't snap your neck or permanately bend it.
I dont think it would harm anything, Maybe leaving it for like a few days might but it wouldnt be major. Tune it back after.
I love open G.
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