I got a Traynor YCVBLUE50.
I'm worried about the tube rattling.
If I Bought a 4x12 Cab From Avatar would that stop the rattling?
Oh And What Ohm Cab Should I Get For It?
4? 8? 16? Stereo or mono?
I dont know which one is for my amp.
I Play pop punk and rock, what speakers should i put in it
the vintage 30s the celestions or the greenbacks?
what do you mean tube rattling, is it already happening now or something? Are you sure it's tubes rattling and not something on the chassis or speaker assembly? Unless your amp mutes the internal speaker when you connect to an ext speaker jack, it probably won't stop any rattling.

What does it say on the back of your amp next to the speaker jack? There should be something in your manual about what kind of external cabs you can use with what impedance. If there isn't a switch to change impedance settings on the amp, it will have a certain impedance it's expecting. You want to match whatever that impedance is. It doesn't matter if it's 4, 8, 16ohm, as long as it matches what your amp is expecting. In other words, 4ohm head->4ohm cab will sound exactly the same as 8ohm head->8ohm cab, etc.

V30's are the standard usually for most kinds of rock and heavier stuff. I personally like the Greenbacks, but it also depends what amp you are using to drive them. They are supposed to have a more "woody" flavor to the sound. I would stick to the V30's if you've never heard them however, you should hear the Greenbacks with your amp before you consider getting them. V30's and Greenbacks are both made by Celestion BTW.
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Does it really rattles that much?! that's weird!

The celestion 30's are 'harder' while the greenbacks are mellower, so your choice would be the V30's but it's all opinion really.
if i put the speakers in with the 4x12 cab
wouldnt that cut some stress from the speaker on the combo

so basically what im saying is
when i plug the cab in the speaker inside the combo wont be as loud as if there was no cab

so its 50 watts split to five speakers


50 watts in one speaker

so that way the speaker wouldnt shake the tubes

Well if your tube is rattling thats not very good. You should get it tightened. Is your amp a combo? If it is and the rattle is actually from the tube, then unplugging the combo's speaker and running the amp through a 4x12 would in fact remove the rattle because the amp wouldn't be vibrating from the sound it pushes out.
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yeah, you really shouldn't have a problem to begin with, I haven't heard about vibrations causing problems in those amps. If it's a good design, and the tubes aren't microphonic, you shouldn't have to worry about it. They should all sit securely in the sockets, most amps have little metal wings that hold the tube in place besides the actual socket. I have also seen tube holders that secure tubes for amps that do have that design flaw though. I think early revisions of the Classic 30 might have had that problem IIRC, being such a small chassis.
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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