ok so there are 2 amps i really think i should get...but which one? the more expensive one (which is realy expensive) is obviously way better, but i like the more affordable one because its cheaper, but im wondering is the V2 a better choice anyway?

ok, heres the link for the musiciansfriend page on the G3:


an heres the link for the V2:


thanks guys
Do you have a cabinet to play the heads through? If you do, try to find them in a Guitar Center or other store and play each head through the cab. Buy what you like the best. However, if you can't decide between them, get the G3, because it won't do as much damage to your wallet as the V2, but it will still be a good amp.
yeah i have a cabinet from my GT1200 but i doubt its good enough, im thinking of getting some cabinet with vintage 30's in it, maybe something like the carvin V3's cabinets, but ill go test some out at guitar center like you said, because some cabinets just dont go well at all with the heads, and can completely ruin the tone you want