Hi everyone,

I've searched the forum but couldn't find any thread about this...If there's one please give me the link and accept my appologies.

Anyway, i have a Boss gx-700 guitar processor and I want to create a distortion similar the most possible to what Adam jones from TOOL uses in Lateralus album, for example in the song "lateralus" or "parabola".

If anyone has this equipment and has the settings please share them with me!

Btw, I'm working with headphone now but I usually play with a Spider 212 Line-6 AMP.

Tks a lot

sorry if this is in the wrong place...:/
most likely your gonna have to get a new amp as Adam uses a combo of three amps that are very expensive his tone isnt easy to get with out a very good Dark hi gain amp the spider wont cut it.
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I've got a GX700 but I don't use it for distortions.

Do you use the pre amp settings or just the distortions?
You may be able to get a similar distortion sound then fine tune it with the built in EQ
but like Syn said he uses expensive amps so you probably wont be able to replicate it with the kit you've got.
Tks for helping. You're right but I have some faith that's possible to get a similar sound because in the past I had a BOSS ME-33 unit, wich isn't so good as the gx-700 and I remember i got a very good sound from it...but it's getting a bit hard with the GX-700...
The GX700 is a good unit.
I used to think it was a bit Mickey Mouse but since I've redone my rig and learned to use it I'm more impressed and I've decied to keep it in my rack.
Do you run this preamp through the effects loop of your amp?
I would suggest you find out what amp he used on the recording and see what preamp settings are similar on the Boss. Set this up like a amplifier (Tone controls etc) then if
your not getting enough gain try adding some overdrive etc. Then when you think you've roughly got the gain similar start playing with the eq.

Best of luck its a bit of a job because you have a lot of options for tone on that unit. Would probably help a bit more if you were running it through a valve power amp.
Go for it.
I'm in the process of trying to control three seperate midi devices with my new FCB1010
foot controller. Its going to be a headf**k
it really is i have done that kind of **** before such a pain in the ass
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I keep on putting it off. I put it all into my new 8u Case last night so I'm slowly getting there.
I think I've decided on the pedal configuration and that I'm going to have a seperate channel for each unit I've just got to get the Behringer to do what its told!!
Does'nt help when I start to do it I end up playin instead!
lol ya i had to set up a massive rack 8 spaces is nothing lol
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lets see what was in it

Whirlwind multi selector
Tc G-major
Bradshaw custom audio switcher
Two tiers with numerous pedals on it 4 spaces
Hush super c
Alesis EQ
Jim dunlop rack mount
Marshall power and pre amp

Im thinking it was like 16 or 17 spaces it was pretty big lots of hassle but great once we finally got it figured out

We used a Bradshaw custom foot controller
DBX Compressor
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ya total pain in the ass but sounded really good once we got it finished
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