Control Denied is brilliant, but not many people seem to have heard of them. I need to know where I can get their CD.
Good band.
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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im not sure where you can get their cd's because my friend let me borrow The Fragile Art of Exsitence sorry
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Music is good, vocals are annoying.

Seconded, Chuck should have just made another Death album.
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Vaginal Destruction

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What sub - genre are they?
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The vocals seem pretty cool to me. Actually different from most vocals.

Cool band though.

For those who could not find the CD, the internet is your best friend when finding CD's.

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What sub - genre are they?

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I shall check them out.
Boring as all hell.
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It was OK. But you generally expect more than just OK from Chuck.
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Music is good, vocals are annoying.

Youtube covers

Great band. It's really more of an extension of what Chuck was doing with late Death except with melodic vocals.