These guys are amazing. They're similar to the Queers and Screeching Weasel, I think they were on Lookout. My favorite songs are "X-Ray Spex" and "The Russians are Coming"

They've got a new album coming out soon on Red Scare records too. Also it should be noted that Kody Lillington is in Teenage Bottlerocket, which is practically the same band as the Lillingtons, just another singer and faster songs. "Don't Trust the Humanoids" is the my favorite song of they's.
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Sorry for the huge bump, but I need lyrics for 'I came from the future'. I can't find them anywhere. Can anyone help?
cant choose a favourite, i love all their songs.. well from the ones ive heard
these guys are awesome!
Band rules.
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I don't know the Lillingtons much, but Teenage Bottlerocket used to practice at my dad's record store in Laramie when I was younger.