im looking to achieve slashs tone...here is what I have so far.

Fender Champion 110-its like at least 20yrs old(has gain, mid treble, bass etc.)
Original custom 68' gibson lp

Now what should I buy to help me get slashs tone quality in a song like November Rains solo, Sweet Child O Mine solo , Fall to Pieces solo by Velvet revolver...that kind of tone.

I was leaning towards a Boss DS-1 Effects Pedal which would be a Distortion Pedal, but I do not know what is the best thing to do so hlep me out please
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Marshall tube amp for strarters. A used JCM800 or JCM900 combo would get you 3/4 the way there for minimal costs. Then youll need a good wah pedal. Decent delay as well.

Or you could look up exactly what gear he used for the songs you like and just get all that ...
I've read that slashs tone in the appetite album is a mix of 5 amps or something wierd... so to achive his exact tone is hard... But you should definately get a JCM 800 if you want to get close to the tone...
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