Nouvelle Vague is a french group, a cover group to be exact. It consists of french producer and a few recurring singers (as well as angelic female voices) that pass his studio once in a while. What for? to record jazzy bossa nova cover versions of popular songs from the english New Wave (as well as a few punk songs). In short what can i say about Nouvelle Vague besides it's sultry, extremely seductive, danceable and very creative here and there. Any of you heard of them? what have you got to say about Nouvelle vague?
I bought the latest album because of the whole link with Camille (slight obsession of her this year) and thought that it was terrible for the most part. I'd heard their Joy Division cover last year and enjoyed that, but the latest really didn't do much for me. Some interesting bands that they covered though.
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I only heard two of their songs, one being the killing moon. It was pretty good
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I was obsessed with a Manner Of Speaking for a long time. They're pretty cool. In the UK series Sugar Rush they use their music constantly.
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I like them, it's great chill music.
you tell me who's better. i think good charlote are better than the bealtes but that's only because their lyrics mean more and they are better musicians.

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I liked the cover of Too Drunk To Fuck
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i always thought they were quite cool, so i saw them at leeds. perfect way to end the festival. too drunk to fuck, ever fallen in love and love will tear us apart were the highlights i would say.
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i love th Bande a part albulm (or whatever it was). i saw them this summer. they were great.
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I like these guys. It's just good, relaxing music. I especially like their "The Killing Moon" and "Heart of Glass" covers. Their "Heart of Glass" owns the original (never cared for Blondie).