I have an old Regal acoustic my grandfather bought in the mid '60s, and it's taken a good amount of damage since he passed on. The neck is twisted (Bent backwards a bit from original position, bent slightly left) There is a string missing, but I can fix that, and the knobs on the headstock are rusted. Is this guitar fixable or will it R.I.P. ?

EDIT: Just noticed there are many cracks on the body and pickguard, can't wear a strap with it because one of the things is broken off.
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you could fix some of the stuff but the cracks on the body i don't think can be fixed. by new tuners go to a guitarcenter get it set up, put a new pcikguard and a new strap holder thing on
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Ok thank you so much, I'll do that.
Had a rough day? Feeling down about everything? Take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself...What would Ozzy do?
Guitars are fairly simple objects made mostly of wood. As such they are almost always fixable if you're willing to throw enough money at it.
Except in cases of sentimental value such as I assume is your motivation. Most people take a "cost of repair vs. buy a new guitar" look at it.
My guess is in terms of cash, you'd be better off to call it a goner and get another guitar.
You can fix it but it won't be cheap. $300 to $400 to fix the neck and another $45 for a set of tuners and thats if you don't worry about the cracks. If you really love the guitar and/or its solid wood (not laminats) then it might be worth fixing but regal is a cheap brand so chances are it won't be worth fixing. If you aren't sure then take it to a luthier and see what they say. They should give you a free estimate.
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Oh dear. Never thought I'd ever have to disagree with CorduroyEW on a matter like this, but I suppose he has had a bit of an off day yesterday.
First about the neck: It's normal that it is bent backward slightly when the string tension has been off since who knows when. I think a new set of strings and some time for bedding in, followed by a slight twist of the truss rod in the right direction can do wonders. A slighty warped neck needs not to be a problem. It's all a matter of how much and in which direction.
What you discribe as cracks could very well be nothing more then scratches. Cracks always go in the direction of the grain and hardly ever cut through pick guards, so I'm optimistic here.
If then only the knobs of the tuners are rusted and nothing else, I'd say: put on a fresh set of strings and try. If it sounds like a wet carton box filled with loose patato chips CorduroyEW is right and it's a gonner (like your new strings). But it could just as well be a juwel. You'll never know untill you try. Letting a luthier judge it is OK, but if he doesn't try to figure out the basic sound quality and only takes into account the repair costs put against the resale value, he may also say it's a write off. I for me wouldn't draw such a conclusion that easily if it concerned my grandad's guitar.
^ In my experiance, if the average musician can just look at a guitar and tell you that the neck is twisted then the neck is more than just a little twisted. Because of this, I assumed that the neck of the guitar was very warped and that would be expensive to fix. If it isn't badly warped then it could be much easier/cheaper to fix.
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Guess you're right. Maybe it's just because I have a weak spot for cheap old broken down guitars that used to be grandad's which can be converted into sweet sounding instruments that I envision Dragonkid575 looking from the headstock down towards the body from a shallow angle, seeing the frets allmost parallel to one and another, exept perhaps for the nearest being a millimeter and a bit turned anti clockwise in respect to those furthest away. This would be so much nicer than seeing him looking down something resembling a spiral staircase or a corkscrew, wouldn't it?
But then again; it may just be wishfull thinking.
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