Ok, this year at my school they're doing things a bit differently, and they want a live band to play at homecoming events. I was planning on buying better amps, but their choice to have me on bass for this band is forcing me to speed up my decision.

I've got roughly $1100 saved to put at the rig. From amps I've played in the past, I have a preference for GK and Ampeg, and I really like 15" speakers. For these particular gigs, there will be a PA. If I get a solid state head, I need at least 450 watts, and for a tube head I'll want at least 300 watts.

Can anyone help me in budgeting my cash between the best possible head and cab for the money? BTW, these gigs will be in a large gym and in front of some huge football stands. All these shows are expected to have a 1500+ turnout. I'm excited as hell!
-Ampeg B500DR $500, 500 watts at 2 ohms (I've seen very few 2 ohm cabs so you'd have to get two 4 ohm cabs to = 2 ohms) It's also programmable.
-GK 700-RB-II, $600, 480 watts to the woofer, 50 watts to the horn. At 4 ohms that is. I believe there are some 700RB owners in here somewhere...Incubus has one if I'm not mistaken.

*Cabs (all are 1x15's)
-GK 115RBH, $640, 400 watts at 8 ohms.
-Aguilar GS 115, $600, 400 watts at 8 ohms.
-SWR "Son of Bertha" $600, 350 watts.
-Trace Elliot 1518, $560, 500 watts.
-Eden D-115XLT, $560, 500 watts at 8 ohms.
-Fender Deluxe Active P-bass (60th anniversary)
-Peavey T-40 (1982)
-Hartke HA-3500
-Aguilar GS 2x12
-GK Backline 2x10
If you PM me, I have a site where you can get a GK 1001RB-II for $600. That paired with a GK Neo 2x12 will give you a very awsome rig with unlimited headroom, which will allow you to be heard for miles when it's cranked up. (If you can save up an extra $140). If you can't get that extra $140, go with a GK 410SBX cab, or an Avatar 2x12.


And now for my classic GK vs. Ampeg speech. An Ampeg has a very specific personality. When you plug into an ampeg, you can hear that you are plugged into an ampeg. Gallien-Krueger amps have absolutley no personality. You are what gives it the personality, and you are able to dial in very original tones and sounds. The amp will sound unique to you and the way you play. This is exactly why I love Gallien-Krueger. Plus, GK's have a super-warm sound for a solid-state amp. Ampegs tend to get a little bit gritty.

Good luck with those gigs.

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^my classic response. an Ampeg will kick the snot out of a GK. (jk, Inky)

the Ampeg B2RE amp(450@2ohm, 350@4ohm, 250@8ohm), and the BSE410 cab (4x10, 8ohm) will fill any situation. add a single 15" cab(8ohm), and you got 350watts of thunder. actually, in this price range, i would look for a used Ampeg
SVT-350 amp, with a SVT810 cab(8x10"). now we're talkin' "cracked foundations".
^ And it would be fairly easy to find a used SVT-Pro 3 and SVT 8x10 for around $1100.

Search ebay and instrumentexchange.com, I prefer ebay myself because they usually have lower prices.
-Fender Deluxe Active P-bass (60th anniversary)
-Peavey T-40 (1982)
-Hartke HA-3500
-Aguilar GS 2x12
-GK Backline 2x10