I'm sure you guys get questions like this all the time, but what's the difference between the two? I know the pickups are different, but which would be better for me? I mostly play classic/hard rock, and I'm interested in learning how to play slap.

I was looking at the Fender Active Jazz bass.
i have a deluxe jazz, and that sounds great most of the time. i want a precision bass as well, but i can't really comment on it's tonal capabilities myself, although everything I've heard indicates that bridge oriented pickups are the best for slap tones, and as the precision bass has no bridge pickup, it's widely considered inferior for slapping.
I'm pretty sure "Vs." threads aren't allowed in here anymore. But I could be wrong.

Just a heads-up.
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I have a Standard P Bass, and It's very nice for the style that you are playing, as I play a lot of that style too. However, as I move into the more Slapping territory, I have found my P-Bass wanting. As such, I'm getting an S-1 Switch put on it.

So, I'd recommend a Jazz really.
P-bass sounds right for you. Anyone who tells you that you can't slap a P-bass is full of ****. One of the best-slapping basses I've played was a well-set-up American Precision. And on the active Jazz subject, Fenders are sort of meant to be passive. Some people like the active versatility and sonic scope, but many people (myself included) prefer the passive sound.

I own a passive Jazz and couldn't be happier with it. My next bass will be a Precision but I really need a new amp first....
Maybe I'll get a MIM Jazz and put a BAII bridge on it. I was also looking at the Geddy Lee J but it's kinda expensive

Would I be able to get that Geddy Lee sound out of a standard Jazz? Does he use any effects on his rig to sound like that?
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Geddy Lee gets his sound with his amps effects etc. etc. If you buy his bass you get a Jbass with a (somewhat vintage) jbass sound. Just because you buy his bass doesn't mean "OMG INSTANT RUSH TONE!" It's a good bass, but its basically an MIJ Jbass with a BAII bridge and vintage (re-issue) pups. Its considered good, as far as artist signatures go, but I'd recommend getting a standard J bass if thats what you are looking at.

Also like someone mentioned before, saying you can't slap on a pbass is bull. Bassists slapped on it before the jbass came out, and they still do now. Most slappers however prefer the jbass slap tone than the pbass slap tone.
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