I know when it comes to gibsons they dnt come cheap, ive been wanting a cherry sunburst gibson les paul for ages now n i wanna know the cheapest n e one can find one, any help would be great
Cheap doesn't always mean great, and don't just buy for the Gibson name.

What you can do is look for a Les Paul Studio used somewhere (eBay)
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Probably the melody maker. I wouldn't reccomend it though.


Here's the list from musiciansfriend. They can all be found cheaper if u get them used off of ebay or something, though.
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Threadstarter, your going to hate this, but the "Cheapest" Gibson Les Paul in Heritage Cherry Burst is the Standard. For everyone else, Studios only come in solid colours, Melody Makers only come in red, Specials in Worn Red, GT, Menace, and all those new Les Pauls only come in solid colours, Classics come in Sunburst and Honey Burst, but not Cherry Burst, and the next cheapest is the Standard. Sry threadstarter but if you really want the Gibson name on it, be ready to pay about $2500 for a Cherry Burst Les Paul.
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At the end of the day Gibsons are expensive and have that reputation for a reason, they are good guitars.

However if you want to shell out that much on an instrument (comparitively cheap when you take into account violins and other instruments like it), then BE SURE YOU WANT IT.

Go to your local guitar shop, play it, play it a bit more, go home and mull it over. Go back and play it, I'm sure Bill, Dave, Bob or Carl will be happy to let you on it as long as you want if you are going to fill their pockets!

Or you could be a sneaky SOB and buy it online cheaper mwahahaha!
If you search eBay for one though, i suggest getting a second opinion on whether it's genuine or not, as there are massive amount of fakes on eBay, many of which are very convincingly done if you don't know how to spot a fake from the real thing.
i actually saw one used for bout 750 at the Guitar Center in Cleveland
well..... i have a black lp standard, i like the sound, theyr really heavy guitars, but it doesnt really bother you. you should definietly play it a bit first i know i used to go to gc for hours and play them all the time b4 i got mine. mine was actually cheap and it had upgraded tuners to grovers, and a seymour duncan pu in the bridge, it sounds really nice. i got mine for about $1350 american which would be im guessing around like 600-800 in Euros. if you live in europe/england i dunno if this site will help you but they have a ****load of guitar sellers(new/old/NOS/VOS) so you can check em out. the site is called: www.gbase.com
hopefully youll find wat your looking for.
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