i need some good bass solos ..any one know of some
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Rancid - Maxwell Murder
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well check out some primus the bass in thats mint, for example in tommy the cat or laquer head (well ther the ones to check out first by them anyway). i also suggest my generation or anaesthesia (pulling teeth) im not sure on the spelling of that lol but its an ace bass solo.
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There are many threads like this... do a search next time. A quick search got me these results! (from the 101 best bass solos thread)

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1. Metropolis Pt. 1, The Miracle and the Sleeper (Dream Theater)
2. The Dance of Eternity - Dream Theater
3. Axiom-Rancid
4. amazing grace- Victor Wooten
5. Anesthesia(Pulling Teeth)-Cliff Burton (one of the best bassists ever, in my opinion)
6. victor wooten- classical thump
7. Stone Cold Bush - RHCP
8. The Awakening- Les Claypool
9. Keep to Myself - Seth Horan (solo bass and vocals)
10. NIB-Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)11. Maxwell Murder-Rancid
12. Orion - Metallica (Cliff)
13. Naked in the Rain - RHCP
14. Tommy the Cat - Primus (Suck on this ersion of course)
15. Mosquito Brain Surgery by Spastic Ink
16. jerry was a race car driver - primus
17. Apostrophe - Frank Zappa (solo by Jack Bruce)
18. My Generation - the Who
19. Ytse Jam - Dream Theater
20. The Lemon Song - JPJ
21. Hair - Larry Graham
22. NV43345 - Billy Sheehan
23. Muse - Hysteria
24. Intro-Throw away your television (live at hyde park)........
25. Slang- Jaco Pastorius
26. yyz - Rush (I'm a rush fanboy )
27. mean streets- niacin (billy sheehan)
28. Jaco Pastorius-Donna lee
29. Until You Dont By Jeff Schidt
30. Portrait of Tracy--Jaco
31. intro~ summer song {live g3 in denver}-joe satriani(stu hamm)
32. Blue Powder- Steve Vai Band (Billy Sheehan on bass)
33. Closer to the Heart (Different stages jam) - Rush
34. RHCP-End of cant stop, live at hyde park. Tht low E ****in rules.....
35. Fight Like A Brave - RHCP
36. Norweigen Wood - Victor Wootens arrangement of the Beatles classic
37. Aeroplane-RHCP (Flea)
38. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) - Chris Squire of Yes
39. Jamiroquai - Travelling without Moving (intro)
40. Dir en grey - Cage
41. perry mason-ozzy osbourne (geezer)
42. The Machine--Garage a Trois
43. The Distillers - Open Sky.
44. Sweet Child O' Mine - GnR (Duff McKagan)
45. Death and Taxes-Kid Dynamite
46. Shocktime-Victor Wooten
47. Gotta Love It - Aerosmith
48. The Audience is Listening (Live G3 Tokyo) - Billy Sheehan
49. Moonlight Sonata - Stuart Hamm
50. Bright Size Life - Jaco Pastorius & Pat Metheny
51. Level 42, dance on heavy weather
52. Scarified-Racer X (Juan Aldarete)
53. Blood On The World's Hands - Iron Maiden
54. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
55. I will have to say the For Whom the Bell Tolls intro
56).californication intro live in hyde park (after zephyr song) - flea from rhcp
57. RHCP - Power of Equality with the Wah Thing.
58. Star Spangled Banner - Stu Hamm
59. Hamburger Train - Primus, I do believe it's quite impressive
60.Stu Hamm: Quahogs, Anyone? (the song with Linus and Lucy..i'm kind of a fanboy of this guy.)
61. Damage Control - John Petrucci. (Awesome bass solo in it)

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