So, today I made my way over to the local long and Mcquade just for a small browse. First; I went to check out a Fender active J bass..and lets just say I was pretty Disapointed. The neck Felt totally disgusting. Rough edges and everything. I then tried a 60th anniversary american blah blah P bass, And yet again, I was disapointed. It felt cheap and played like a mexican. And here is where I hit gold. I took a step back and looked at the whole section, to see if anything could catch my eye. And there it was..right in front of me. A fender Geddy lee sig Jazz. Oh.My.God. I picked it up, and the neck was heaven. Maple with block inlays. I can't explain how amazing it felt. I'm not sure if it just apeals to me, But it felt like a high end Stingray at the least....But then I saw the pricetag. 899$ can. damn. Christmas is coming I guess. Do you guys think its worth it?
Everybody has different prefrences for necks, you pretty much just answered your own question in your post. If you like it, get it.
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yay for california w00t
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You guys live in Canada, and thus get scewed.

It's 699 in the US of A.

except for godins...they're so cheap in canada...anyways, if it feels like this bass is the one, you HAVE to get it, or you'll regret it.
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I asked my mom and she said she'd put it on layaway tomorrow
which means, Ill slowly pay it off, and get it by christmas
tomorrow it's mine.

Oh and do we ever get screwed, I hate it SO MUCH
american pbass go from 1,200 to 1,500.

Why would it be so expensive in BC :S?
the Getty Lee is one of Fender's success stories. the ultra thin neck, along with the BadAss II bridge, and the US Vintage Jazz P-ups, make for a very nice bass. their resale price is also holding up, quite well. thats' also a good sign. i wish they made it in red.
hm, the only thing I dont like about it is the white pickgaurd
I wish it was black, but I can change that Later I guess.