Hey guys. I am playing on a Mesa Boogey Triple Rectifier half stack. It is my cousins stack so its new to me but I use it for my band.

Anyway, theres a lot going on on the back of the head. And I was wondering if someone could explain to me I guess what Triple Rectifier is and what it does. And how I make use of the stack features.

K here goes lol:

First off turn off the effects loop (effects bypass). Now the all the volume is controlled by the Master knob on each channel.

Really the only two things you need to know on the back are the Rectifier switch and the variac switch.
The Rectifier switch activates either Tube Rectification (warmer, smoother sounds) or Silicon Diodes (tighter low end, more powerful sounding).
The Bold/Spongy switch lets you choose a more defined, tighter sound (bold) or a looser, crunchier, more vintage sound (spongy).

On the front: remember that the EQ is 'active'. Basically each control is in a line, starting with the Gain controll. Everything you turn will effect everything else on the board. For instance if you turn the highs up a lot then the Mid and the Low controlls arent as present in the overall sound. *hard to explain* Then High, middle, and bass. The presence control is apart from this active EQ. Its really its own tone controll.

On the clean channel I find that the cleans shimmer more if the mids are down, the bass is somewhere around halfway, and the highs and pesence is cranked. keep the gain down a bunch as well. I dont really use the "pushed" setting that much.

This all goes for both channel 2 and 3:
Keep in mind that the gain knob, the high knob, and the presence knob are the most powerful on the board.

Turning the gain up a lot gives you a warmer, more saturated sound. Keeping the gain halfway will give you a brighter more balanced tone.

DONT SCOOP THE MIDS! lol seriously the amp is dark enough. Mess around a lot with the presence knob too.

Heres my settings: BOLD and Tube Rectification.

GAIN: noon
HIGH: 2 o'clock
MID: 10 o'clock
LOW: 11 o'clock
PRES: 3 o'clock

GAIN: 3 o'clock
HIGH: 1 o'clock
MID: 11 o'clock
LOW: 1 o'clock
PRES: 3 o'clock

channel 3: set to MODERN
GAIN: 3 o'clock
HIGH: 12:30 o'clock
MID: noon
LOW: 11:30 o'clock
PRES: 3:30 o'clock

Anyways, Ill edit this with more detail later. hope it helped.

Oh yeah. Keep Stand-By on when you turn the master power on. Let the tubes warm up for at least 30 seconds.

Ok about the Effects Loop. The reason you should turn it off is because if its ON it WILL effect your tone. even if theres nothing in the loop. Once youve got your sound with it off, go head and turn it on. Throw maybe just one effect like chorus in there for starters. Make sure that in the front the Solo knob and the Output knob are down. Once the Loop is on the Master knobs in each channel are now the Pre-Amp volume. The Output knob is the overall Volume.

Which reminds me, Vintage mode on Channels 2 and 3 is A LOT more quiet than Modern mode. So make sure the volume isnt cranked when you swith from Vintage to Mordern.

Anyways, the Master knobs on each channel sound their best when theyre between 10 o'clock and noon.

The Solo knob is simple. Just turn it all the way down, then on the footswitch turn it on. Then raise the Solo volume untill the level is right for you.

K on the effects loop, keep both the little knobs about halfway. If you turn the effects loop on witht he footswitch, and the volume drops, turn the knobs up a bit untill the volume is equall on or off.

Long story short: go to mesa's website, and download the Manual. I had to read through that thing like 3 or 4 times before I made sense of it all. The amp is really hard to get used to, took me 2 or 3 weeks to get it all down perfect.
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Awesome man. Thanx a lot, thats incredible help. I really appreciate it.

I play punk and ska, stuff like Operation Ivy and Choking Victim if youre familiar at all.

What would you suggest as far as the Rectifier switch and the variac switch for that? Also settings too. Just curious.

Thanks a lot though.
Punk and/or ska...hmmm. Not too much on the Gain, lots of highs and mids. Tube Rectifier and Spongy fo sho.