Can somebody help me with shreding in Drop D tuning? Because it messes up all of the scales and whatnot, so can some one please give me some pointers and a point in a direction where i could learn to shred in drop d? Thanks for any help.
actually in drop d the only thing it messes up is the 6th strings, all you have to do is add another note for the E you now have to fret. nice job on that whole thinking thing
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^ you coulda said that without the sarcasm whether or not it was deserved..... but yeah, the only difference is that all the notes you played before on the low E should be played 2 frets higher, also i'm not sure if you have but it really couldn't hurt to learn your stuff in different keys that is if you're actually playing songs tuned to drop D instead of Drop D tuning and playing in the key of E.
If you are shredding chances are you would already know that.

But realistically, all you need to do is move two frets up, or pick a note out of the scale you are in and move it to the 6th string.
Alternative theory if you cant handle that, just don't use the low E.
Thanks for reading
Yeah just drop the low E string to D, it helps play power chords alot easier also,
if u didnt know lamb of god and trivium both do that snitzky

but CGCFAD is the tuning for me...