the jocks and their 'bitches' in the 6thform room inspired me for this and society as whole with the majority of people looking, sounding and acting the same as each other. its also about a girl i used to be real close with but shes lost most of what she used to be like. its grindcore so it might be hard to find any rythum

Turbulent times, more than just my state of mind
downfall of a nation, a world, of mankind
Cant see past your exterior the gholish mask you wear
slowly suffocating you, cutting of your air.
I can trust noone and your all the same to me
every word that you spurt out i struggle to believe
alterior motives behind every action you make
trying oh so hard but its clear to me you're fake
You think im ****ed cuz i keep myself to myself?
im one of a kind whilst your bought from a shelf,
were you to die do you think that youd be missed?
theres plenty more out there in the mould you fit
( random screams, growling, general evil noises etc)
no matter how i try i just cant get away
from thoughts of death, hate and rage that fill my head each day
rotting underground my body stenched from its decay
Its sad to think i live my life this way
Yeh i could change but to what avail?
why waste the effort for things around to stay the same
one person cant make the difference when theres noone to feel you
when you dont see what i see or hear what i do
most of your life spent in fear of not fitting in
your dieing inside so why outside you grin?
your not your own person just acting to please others
to be one of them but why?
you should exist to live not live to exist
i search for your true person but get lost in the mist,
of your mind,
struggling to find
any unique qualities that make you you
but these ****s have took your life, personality too

now youre just
dead in the eyes
dead in the eyes
i see death inside your eyes
dead in the eyes
dead in the eyes
i see death inside your eyes

(spoken)If i were like you, my life would be bareable
supported by the masses, not alone an unstable
but to be like you id have to be false to myself
and the one thing il never lose is my inner wealth
wow thats really good man... um i love the dead in the eyes part...and it flows pretty nicely ..noone...should be no one two words tho just to let u kno. judging from the eveil noises in () im guessin this will be metal sounding...im thinkin for an intro something dark and evil..slow with an echo...then building up until it just goes nuts...idk thats just my opinion...try some pick scrapes those always sound creepy under the right condtions..nice work tho!!!
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