for my first 2 years, i've been self taught, and developed an awful habit of playing with a tensed up right arm. now that i am re-learning, i am playing with a floating wrist. should i also float my right arm, or let it rest on the body of the guitar?
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Your arm can and probably will almost always be touching your guitar, but it shouldn't be firmly resting on it as you want your arm to be fairly loose just like your wrist.
Ideally, your entire arm should be floating. But in some cases, that's impossible. Although, it won't effect your picking arm as much as an anchored wrist.
well i kinda just anchor my forearm to the body of my guitar, is that bad? if i have my whole arm floating i tense up afterawhile.
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i don't understand. what do you guys mean by "floating" ?

not touching the guitar at all
Its our curse that makes this world so hopeless,
Allowing our king to spread his genocydal wings...
Some people will argue that anything other than total "floating" is considered anchoring and is a horrible, speed-limiting technique. I disagree. I rest my palm lightly on the bridge, being careful and conscious that when I skip strings I move my hand down from the arm, not the wrist. Therefore, if I'm picking the high E, my palm will be resting on the lower part of the bridge and if I sweep up or something, it moves to the higher part. I do feel that anchoring your pinky or resting your palm in one spot the whole time is bad and will hurt your technique but that's my opinion. I do it my way so I'm aware of where the strings are, but most importantly, to mute unwanted sympathy string ringing etc.

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i can't seem to do it without having my forearm anchored to the guitar, it keeps moving around if i don't.
so wait even having the balls of your hand (ha) rest against the bridge is a bad thing? if so i better start learning over again
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