My girlfriend is thinking of buying a bass, and she's wondering which one is best for beginners. Also because shes so small, she would prefer to get a mini one.

Any suggestions?
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Theres always those daisy rock basses, there short scale and good for a beginner.

But really it doesnt matter what size it is, she can play really any sized bass, a squire of any kind would be good, or some kind of knock off. But squire's probably the best bet ( and i bet you can get it in a short scale if you really wanted to)
i had a friend who was short growing up, he had(s) a 3/4 size bass. it felt like a guitar, he played my squier, and it was almost as tall as him.

i think it was a peavey
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Fender mustang, or if funds are tight, squier Bronco.
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I'll also recommend a short scale Fender. However have her try out an entry level Ibanez. Its a full scale bass, but I think its a better investment, plus their necks are the thinnest I have played, and have a great feel to them. I don't think she would have much trouble with it.
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Fender Mustang. Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads plays one. She later took out the stock pickup and put in a P-bass pickup.

Don't waste your money on the mini P-bass by Fender. It sounds muddy compared to the Mustang.

The Mustang is light, feels good, and is easy to play. Its tone is a little light in the low end, but it cuts through the mix. The Bronco pales in comparison, and the Bullet series are a waste of money--they may play and sound good the first year, but the necks have a tendency to warp soon after due to the cheaper woods used.

The Epiphone EB-3 is also a good one. Buy one with a straight neck and good action, get rid of the stock pickups, and put in some DiMarzios, and your girlfriend will be on cloud nine with TONE.

I have also heard that Ibanez makes good basses for beginners. I have no opinions on them, as I do not own any. Good luck!
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I don't really think a short scale would be neccessary, unless she has really little hands. My hands are pretty small, but I never had much trouble. I agree with a Squier, or an Ibanez. Or ESP make a cheaper bass that I've heard good things about.
^ Yeah definately have her try out some full scales which are known to be popular with girl bassists first. If she is flat out struggling to play an Ibanez, then have her try out the short scales that have been recommended, the Mustang and EB-3
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