Right, I made a guitar about a month ago, and it's fine, but, the other night.
It started buzzing, when i touched the metal casing of my pedal it stopped, or when i touched th screws on my switch on the scratchplate, but touching the strings didn't work.
The wire is attached to the spring at the back, it wouldn't work with solder, so i just out it in place, and it's definately touching, could this be the problem, or will i have to take to scratchplate off and take a look?
Thanks, Phil
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You need to try the solder again. If touching the strings does't do anything but touching other parts of the guitar does do something then that means that means that it isn't connected to the spring well enough.
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You're probably gonna have to take the scratch plate off, but first check the jack, since it's easier to access (at least, it is on some guitars)
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