sounds good,but like the guy above me,sounds a lil to low or the tab is off or sumpthing,and the tempo is a lil fast,but nuttin to big,all in all, good cover,love slipknot!!
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dude very nice cover! keep it up loved the drumming as well as the guitaring
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Wow, a really surprised bump I must say!! Haha..

Thanks guys! I was so bad back then! lol.. So I mite record them again!!
I'm very impressed with the backing!
And dude if you want to do covers faster or tuned differently to the original go ahead and do it! What is this anal obsession with doing covers clone like to the originals Add your own flavour
lol anal obsession!!
Ya I guess!! Im pretty sure the tuning is correct tho.. But how bad!! haha.. I dont even think I knew how to pan tracks when I recorded this!! haha...
yeah the tuning is right and it doesnt seem too fast i just listened to yours and the real recording. but anyways

it sounds good, although i think there is a bit too much low, i would think it would needs more mids but thats just me heh. everything else sounded good though. the lead around 2:48 sounds a little weak, try adding a lower octave with the notes you were playin, kind of like a power chord except without the middle note and see how that sounds. good job overall

fairly decent but cmon....where's the vocals....that song is nothing without vox
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amazing simply amazing! drums were great double kick at the end was awesome aswell
in my opinion bring the drum volume a tad lower and guitar higher and get a singer but apart from that awsome
real good. too fast at times. and possibly the most annoying snare drum of all time hehe.
Awesome cover i must say. Other than the tuning seeming a bit too low. It was spot on. I could sing along to it which in my opinion is a great thing keep up the good work.