I made another cover of this song, this one is much more complete. Any comments appreciated!

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Vocals are decent, definantly nothing more.
Lead is too loud, and tbh im not feeling it, just not flowing with the rest of the song. Some backup vocals would be cool
If you put heavy reverb on the vox, then you have to put some kind of reverb on the other parts. It sounds funny to me that your singing in a shower, but then playing at the same time in a padded closet or something. Yeah, vocals are ok, definitely needs work.
i think the intro is wrong, well sounds wrong, need a deeper voice, and production on it overall, but its got potential
ps, gotta sing with more emotion on this song.. this song is a rocker, deep feeling in this, but yeah it was cool
Wow man, uhh what to say...I'm learning that song as well, but in a classroom setting. So, to crit...i'd say: 1) Work on getting in time with the song, both singing and strumming
2) Turn down the lead.
What you SHOULD do, is screw playing the song, just sit down with the c.d., and sing along with corey taylor....turn it up loud, and just sing. If you can't hear yourself, that doesn't matter, just get your timing right. But, pracitse the song. It sounds decent, and at least you had the guts to attempt to sing it. Keep up the good job
I have to say...that I am also learning the song, and truly...I think it was horrible.

Positive Crit: Um....Wow....Lemme give you an example of how I thought it was....
I made this account to tell you this! That is a good example.

Sorry, and I know what you'll say "I don't see you playing it!"
Well, buddy, with that horrible performance, I don't have to (but I will soon)
i thought the guitar parts were wrong, they didnt sound right, i also thought it was a lil too fast. and the vocals sorta dont work.
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