i got a BOSS DS-1 Pedal about 2 months ago, and i was wondering if ne 1 knew ne good settings besides the ones they include in the manual
Define "good"
...really need some information here.
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more of a grunge sound, on the heavier side, i also just really wanna exeriment with the sound to i also need a better amp
turn the tone pretty low, usually to zero, distortion pretty high, maybe at Max, use the Level to make it ~even with Clean signal

edit: and play with it from there? after 2 months, hell after less than 2 days i'd figured out how to tweak what knobs to get what sound thouroughly.
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Put the tone just left of the middle and the gain in the middle to get a nice warm crunchy lead sound. Altough ther aint much you can do with that pedal.
no i know how to tweak the knobs i just wanted to see what other sounds i can get out of it, ill try theses thanx. o and there isnt a lot you can do with this pedal what do you reccomend?
If I'm going for a heavier sound with my ds-1 I'll usually have the tone at 10 or 11 o'clock and the distortion at about 3 o'clock.
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how do you read settings like that? sry i havent learned how to read settings yet. can you explain those to me
ok im guessing you wana nirvana sound? well heres the settings i use on my ds-1 and there about the same kurt used. Tone-11oclock/ gain- 5oclock. go with that<<
I also play a lot of Nirvana with my Marshall Jackhammer.

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DS-1: kurt used these: tone 11-12 o clock, distortion max, level max

AMP: he had the trebs on his amp at like 10 and bass at 3 i think....(not in o' clock)
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