I cant believe nobody gave you crits for this.. I always w8 for your songs to be poisted here so I can listen to them..
Nice ambient strings in the backround , great dark esque.
Although the song is great i got to admit that its quite repetitive , not at all like your other songs.. but good ideas u got there and great techno beats.
whoa !!! 2:14 mark.. Grat riffage , very dark .. shit this rocks (in a way).. Nice harmonics here and there..
Another great song from you dude..

PS: Hell March 3 is awesome .!!!!!
PS 2 : Nice fade out, a little sudden but good.. !
PS 3 : Keep making songs !
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
Crit while I listen...

I like the drum beat and deep horn. Sets the scence perfectly so to speak. Has a very eerie feel to it which i'm loving. I think the quick "chimey bell things" could have been timed slightly better, but it's still working for me. Just waiting for some sort of climax... and there it comes. The changover was a bit abrupt but again, it still worked for me. The tone has really grown on me since hell march3.

The end sort of just peters out... but then, depending on what your using it for.. that could be a good thing OVerall, I like your work. Shoot your stuff through to some game companies if possible. You'd do some good soundtracks methinks.

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