ok i was thinking about getting a gibson sg
i know there suppossed to be good guitars but i played one at guiar center and it sounded horrible
i tried playing with the settings on the amp as well as just giving up and moving to another amp entirely but it still sounded like sh*t

then i tried a different guitar
same results
it sounded like sh*t

so i was wondering
has anyone else had this problem with guitar center?
Sounds more like a problem with you than a chain of music stores.
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nope, everything i've played at guitar center has been fine.
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yeah man, sounds like your the one with the problem. hell if i try hard enough, i can get a decient tone out of a MG half stack and a bronze warlock, its hard as ****, but its possible.
Why did it sound like "Shi*t"? I mean there are so many different ways.
I listen to music and I don't need your opinions about what I listen to.
What amps did you try it out on? If they weren't good, then thats probably the problem...
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unless the guitar was buzzing like a bee, its not the guitar. like said, what amps, and umm how long u been playing?

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Maybe your bad...but there is the possibility that the guitar wasn't tuned because they just throw em' up on the wall and you play it you tune it. Thats prolly' what it was.
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You can't possibly be blaming a guitar store because you were playing poorly.. If it wasn't the amp and it wasn't the guitar, what do you think it was?
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Interesting question...
i had that problem with a prs at guitar center but some dumbass had messed with the action so that explained it, everything else is great
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no i wasnt playing it badly it was the tone
i dont really know how to describe it

i was using marshalls
jcm i think though im not really sure on the type
as well as a few others but i didnt take the time to look
i wanted to try and stay with marshalls because thats what i have at home and i wanted to see how it would sound if i bought an sg
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Dude it wasnt Guitar Center, it wasnt the SG, it wasnt the amp...you just had all the EQ wrong and all that.

*puke* I cant believe Im sticking up for Guitar Center...I HATE THAT PLACE!
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man that was funny. anyways, it defentally wasnt the amp or the guitar, its probally your ear for tone, you havent developed one yet. next time you go to guitar center, ask the guys to help you out. and make sure you say gibson sg and tube amp, so they will know you know about guitars and arnt some dumb noob.
^ in my experiance even the people that work in the guitar department are n00bs as well.
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^ in my experiance even the people that work in the guitar department are n00bs as well.

really? the guys that work at the guitar center here are pretty knowlegeable. hell one guy names skip, he's like 65, has been playing for like 40 years and i can go to him with just about any question. but maybe its just the people here.
lol thanks

usually i can get the sound that i want
but everytime i go into guitar center i cant
but everytime i go into another store (trading musician, american music ect) i can
which is kind of confusing
because i know its not the stores fault
yet i know that i can usually get the tone that i like
It's probably the size of the store.
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It's an option for the "Which one of E Daws parents are uglier?" thread.
maby ur just unlucky sometimes, maby its the acoustics of the place