I have been watching a few videos on youtube (yes I was bored), and most of them were accoustic songs with fingerpicking. Now I want to learn some of these songs

so I was curious if I should be anchoring while fingerpicking or not, plz don't get into a huge argument like in the electric guitrar forum..


I anchor my hand, and play alot of classical pieces.

You are not supposed to, but im self taught and dont care what my form is like. I just play classical music for the challenge
it all comes down to pesonal preference, i fingerpick with my thump and index and anchor the rest.
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Anchoring meaning resting your hand on the bridge?
Definately not. I rest my forearm on the corner where the top meets the sides and position my hand right over the sound hole. This way your hand is hanging right over the soundhold in a very natural position providing agility and better sound.
My advice to you would be to try not to, but it shouldn't lead to anything too harmful if you do, it's not like you are using your wrist to play the notes.
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probably anchor your ring and pinky finger on the pick guard so you have more precision and accuracy
no plx
i dont it is easier for me not to have my hand anchored just doesnt feel right when i do.
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I once broke a G-String while fingering an A minor.

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thx alot pplz i think I won't after reading that
(and btw kam3 its "camel" not "camal", but ia gree completely )
What is anchoring? Is it resting your hand on the bridge, and your pinky, ring finger on the pickguard? Well if so, i find it easier to just hover your hand over the strings, and for me, i use all fingers except the pinky to fingerpick. I'm self taught.
When you get to more complex pieces you sometimes need to pluck with your pinky, so I would suggest that you learn to fingerpick classical pieces without anchoring.
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nailing any part of your hand to any one point on the guitar is anchoring

i personally don't anchor, it feels much more natrual to let your hand hang free over the strings...less restricted motion = better control
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I don't anchor any of my fingers while I fingerpick. I have tried many times to anchor my pinky as most tutorials on the net have said to do that for precision but since I have small fingers, it seems to throw me off completely. I just hover over the strings using my thumb for the thicker strings (6,5,4) and my index middle and ring for the other three. I think mostly it just comes down to preference, unless you are getting graded or something on your performance =P
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easily just let ur hand float a bove the strings and yea my ring finger just gets in the way when i do that!!
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Quote by TheAmaranth
I once broke a G-String while fingering an A minor.

A recent study shows that 92% of all teenagers have moved on to rap music. Put this in your sig if you are one of the 8% who stayed with real music.
I find it harder to use my ring finger, although sometimes i cant play a song without using it, if that's the case, I just have to practice a lot and get used to it. But I would only know how to use it for that one song. So if i need to use it again, I'll just have to train it again.
I don't anchor cause i use my pinky too to fingerpick. And if you do the tremolo technique, i don't think that can be done anchoring.
^ I don't know of anyone who does tremelo anchored.... if they can, it's their choice, but I went unanchored when I started learning how to do tremelo.
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I don't anchor. Affects my whole hand if i do and it feels stupidly awkward.
just let your whole hand float above the strings.
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DO NOT ANCHOR!! DO NOT ANCHOR!! For serious.... anchoring your hand, especially using your pinky finger on the face of the guitar to steady your hand puts your hand in an unnatural position. It creates unnecessary tension in your hand. At best, it limits your facility. At worst, it leads to tendonitis. DON'T DO IT!!

Hold out your hand as if you are holding your favourite beverage. Note the rounded and relaxed position of your hand. Now let your arm fall naturally and loosely down over the edge of the body of your guitar. Your hand still has that rounded, relaxed position? Good. You're on your way. Notice that, from that position, you can't reach to anchor your hand anywhere on the guitar.... *especially* the pinky.... without altering that relaxed position.

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How people play without using their ring finger is beyond me, i see some people who only use index and thumb but can play brilliantly, beats me how they do it!
I used to anchor my pinky on the bottom string (unless i had to play a note on that one) but after awhile i tought myself not to do it. Took abit of time but I definately play better now. I feel like i can play alot faster when i just hover my hand over the strings.