Tomorrow, I have an interview that may land me a teaching job at a guitar store. I need a few pointers. I have to give the owner a fake guitar lesson. I figured if I taught him like it was a beginner lesson, I should start by teaching him simple theory, some simple chords, the notes on the fretboard and a simple song, and if it were intermediate or advanced, scales, the modes, and slightly advanced theory. So I'm gonna need to find some really simple songs which are all chords. And don't post Stairway to Heaven or Smoke on the Water. A fairly simple popular song with your basic G, C, Am, D7 chords that everyone would recognize.
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Teach him a Canon! I-V-Vi-iii-IV-I-IV-V (im pretty sure thats right...). You could also just do some 12 bar blues, or just make up a generic progression. Can't tell you any pop songs since I really do not listen to any.

Good luck
Brown Eyed Girl
Time of Your Life
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Make sure to entertain him because a lot of what teachers do is making the lesson fun and interesting as well as informational so as to keep the student interested and not bored. Also, don't overload with information, and be patient. Plan out what you are going to teach so that you don't have to back track and whatnot. Make the lesson flow, and work out what you are going to say before hand so as not to be confusing.
Yeah, I'm gonna work on making sure they're holding it right, good pick position, good hand position and all that stuff. I've already thought of Brown Eyed Girl too. But Time of Your Life and Wonderwall are good easy songs. Thanks guys!
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Is it true that peter parker shows his butt in the next spiderman movie?
When I took lessons for like 2 times like 2-3 years ago, the teacher taught me wild thing which is really easy to play and uses those chords , it doesnt however use c but it does teach upstroking
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good song to learn first
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Well, I'd first of all go over open chords. Then I'd ask him if he had anything in mind that he would like to learn or what kind of music he listens to. Then procede from there.

Then take his money.
let us know how the lesson went and what happened.
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