how would the higher end epi les pauls rate to the real thing. I know it's not going to be as good as the real thing but if i could spend say $1500aud on and epi compared to $2500, how much would i be losing out qaulity wise. What would be the downfalls, and please don't mention the elitist range as they retail more than a gibson. cheers for any help.
epiphone elitist+pickup change maybe=pretty much gibson. and a lot cheaper
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like i said the elitist here in australia are the same price as a gibson studio. I want to know about the standard epi's such as the custom. not sure what the next models up from that are. what i want to know is the qaulity. I mean would there be any problems with epi's, such as tuning stability or anything else. I mean if i could save a 1000 bucks and put it towards an amp it would be great, but if they are total crap then i would shell out for the real thing.