ok so i got this 70's era Lotus Les Paul copy and idk if i should spend the money to fix it up or not. what needs fixing up is the wiring and the pickup holders, and possibly neck adjustments and so on. do u guys think its really worth the $50 or so to fix it up?
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is that seriously a question?, fix it
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well im asking because previously to getting it i didnt know Lotus was a brand, and i didnt want to put money into something that didnt know anything about, i mean for all i know Lotus could be the diaherrea of guitar company's
who cares if it is an off brand, my electric was made by slaves in korea
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do it

dude btw is that an esp custom?
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no its not custom, its an ESP LTD V-250, made in 2000, i think they discontinued them after that. it has EMG HZs and ****ing love. also has a Floyd Rose but i dont use it too much. so ya ill fix up the LP in about a week and post new pics of w/e else i do to it