Okay, I just bought an Alesis Multimix USB 8 mixer, and I want to hook it up to my computer (Using the USB capabilities) The mixer came with Cubase LE, and that's the program I have been trying to use. But every time i open it with the mixer, it says: No sound input detected. What should I do?

Thanks for your help.
You probably don't have it hooked up right. If it has a line out or a direct out hook that into your mic input along with the usb into the usb slot.

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make sure uve got a sound card and the input is selected or mics are umuted.

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you shouldnt need to have anything on the soundcard selected. when i run audio into my computer via usb, i just make sure that the input selected is the USB mixer. you might need an ASIO driver, i use ASIO4ALL when connecting my guitar to my computer. its a free driver and works pretty well. it might work for this as well, tho im not 100% sure.