Hey guys
I have a prs billy martin SE and my tones pretty darn good
but im in the process of buying a new guitar and my band is recording...so i was wondering what kind of pickups you guys would suggest for me..im into anything from punk-metal...it has to have good clean and distortion so obviously not emgs
but i was thinking about something from seymour duncan
like the invaders or the jbs?
any advice ?
VV equipments down there.
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Why not EMGs.. They can be both clean and distorted. My Bass Teacher has a Jackson (Guitar) and it has EMGs and they sound amazing, both distorted and he also gets an amazing clean tone out of them. But he plays through a Fender amp, so that could help with how he gets the clean sounds.
EMG's can have good cleans, not sure why everyone says they don't. Its called a EMG 81/60 combo, 81 for distortion, 60 for cleans.
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I say Dimarzio PAF Pros. They are medium output I'd say. Great cleans, great distorted tones for rhythm. The Dimarzio Fred in the bridge and a Paf pro in the neck might be better for you because the fred has a bit more output(not by much at all...but still).

Or you could go all Tom Delonge and get a seymour duncan invader.

But it would probably sound like ass. That guitar is mahogany right?

EDIT: If you don't want EMGs, DO NOT GET INVADERS. Invaders are HIGH output, really close to EMGs.

Some people like the JB, some dont. Go try a schecter with the JB in it, see if you like it.

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