I have a firebird limited edition guitar. It has locking tuning pegs and i can't figure out how to take the old string out of them. Does anyone know how?
ok loosen all the strings aton!!!!! then use wire cutters and cut them at around the 12th fret. slide um out the bridge. and then unwind um off the tuners.
What kind of locking tuners are they? What do they look like? Do they have an unscrewable cap on the back?
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The strings go into the guitar, so i cant unwind them. It looks like you can unscrew them but i cant. The more i tune the guitar down the more the part thet the string goes into comes out. I dont know what kind they are.
Post a pic of your tuning machines, front and rear. If its a string through body, the strings go through to the backside of the body. I don't remember a string through body Firebird.