ok im about to get a epiphone les paul plus and i was going to change out the pickups for some burstbuckers that were $110 each. so how much better is this going to make the guitar? later on im going to change out all the other parts for gibson ones to.
dude don't do it. Just save up for the gibson. By the time your done you would have spent around the same amount of money.

If you can't wait, just buy the the les paul and keep it stock. The stock pickups aren't too bad. If you really want the pick ups though go for em.
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yeah i was kinda thinking about doing that, but the cheapest gibson les paul i would want was like $1200. i only have $700. so will the pickups make much of a diffrence?
If you have a nice tube amp then it would probably make a nice difference, but if you have a cheap amp i wouldnt bother.
i have a line 6 spider 2 30 wat amp with a boss distortion/overdrive and a jimi hendirx pedal
Well in that case, DON'T DO IT!

If i were u, i'd get an amp for the money, it would make a hell of a difference to ur sound.

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For the amp it depends on what kind of style you play. And you'd see a much bigger difference with a new amp than a new guitar.
Buy An Amp!
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