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Yamaha FG720S RED
1 3%
Yamaha FG720S BLUE
2 6%
Yamaha FG720S BLACK
2 6%
Yamaha FG730S Natural
13 39%
Taylor Big Baby
7 21%
Ovation GC057 Celebrity
8 24%
Voters: 33.
I'm heading off to school again soon, and I hope to be bringing a new guitar with me. I've been all over these forums, narrowing down my searches. However, I just can't seem to pick. Whenever I get such-and-such advice or suggestion on one guitar, another comes to disagree or promote a different one I had my eye on. So I might as well just plunk them all into a poll and purchase the winner.

The contestants:

Yamaha FG720S(Blue, Black, or Red)
Yamaha FG730S(Natural)
Taylor Big Baby
Ovation GC057 Celebrity Mid Depth Bowl(Acoustic-Electric)

I don't know how much it matters, but I'd be playing classic rock(Floyd, Zep, Who, etc.), Nirvana's unplugged stuff, some Dave Matthews, and of course Johnny Cash.

Anyway, I've heard great reviews about the Yamahas. The only thing I don't quite know is if the 720s are basically the 700 with color or the 730 with color. I've heard mixed reviews about the Taylor. Some say its amazing for the price, and it is a must-have. Some say it doesnt match to the Yamaha or others, and its just adding $100 to put "Taylor" on the head. I haven't seen much on the Ovation, but it's one of the only Ovations I could afford now. And I really do love the look of it. I'm not sure how much the acoustic-electric will differ or whatnot.

So that's that. I'd appreciate comments with votes, but I won't be flipping out when there's more votes than replies. It'd just be to help me more.
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I never heard of the big baby, or the ovation guitars, but i do know that yamahas are good, so i guess go for those. I don't know what the difference between the 30s or the 20s is but if it's for looks, then get the red yamaha
I went into my GC today and they have FG730, but I also saw FG735 which was a Vintage Cherry Sunburst color. I liked that alot. But I don't know the difference between the two.

Also I played with the Ovation, which I really liked the feel of it. I just dont know if I should stick to the Yamaha for the more acoustic sound(Im terrible with sound, so I couldnt tell which was better or whatnot). They only had the Ovation in Natural and Black...and I had my eye on the red one. I think if I cant get a red soon enough I'll go with a Yamaha. 730 or 735? They didnt have 730 in anything other than Natural, and I liked the redish orange look one. Do they keep others in the back or just the front?

Lastly, cases. I'll be leaving for school so is it possible to weasle my way into a free or greatly reduced price case? I know some of you have done this, and how would I go about it? Just saying Id need a case for school but I couldnt afford one at the moment?
For your case situation, you just have to be good at batering. If your to young, they won't take you seriously, bring your dad, and have him ask if you can get anykind of deal.
Mk, I didn't want to make a new thread so here goes.

I couldn't make it to GC before I left for school, so unless I wanted to wait months(which I don't), most of those selections aren't possible. There isn't a GC near me, but there is a guitar/music store close-by. Unfortunately the selection isnt near as good as GC, but it's still decent. There are quite a few Taylors(pretty much out of my price range), Seagulls, Washburns, and an Art&Lutherie. The A&L looks pretty nice, but I dont remember which kind it is. There are multiple Washburns and Seagulls(though one is about 400 with a hard case so that might narrow down for those knowledgable which kind it is). Unfortunately I don't know much about them and don't know which to get.

A&L, Taylor Big Baby, Washburn, or Seagull. I'm in the 300-400 range, so if theres a certain kind I should go back to check out tomorrow, let me know.