Has anyone ever learned to play this song by Led Zeppelin? I love the song but have yet to look at the tab yet.
I don't think this will help but my good friend can play it pretty damn well. He's pretty effin' good though. Just check it out and work on it and play it over and over till you get the hang of it. Thats what he usually does.
i learned it after playing for 6 months, it's not to hard if you have a decent finger picking technicque which i had been developing since i started
I learned to play it. I can play it through using a pick, but i started fingerpicking it not long ago. I'm still kind of slower at it with finger picking, but I can see the improvements, but i only play it once a day on average. i got it in about a month, (or will perfect it) but if you practice it often you'll get it in two weeks tops.
Yea its a fairly easy fingerpicking song. You just have to really always be thinking about the next chord because the chord changes can be difficult but if "planned" can be dramatically simplified.

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im playing since 4 months guitar and ic can play the intro pretty well which goes through the whole song i think so it aint too hard just play it a few hours
i learned to play it, it is a pretty difficult song to learn for beginners but with a little fingerpicking technique it can be figured out. it took me about amonth and a half to play it through cleanly. Great song for people just starting out with fingerpicking, nice chord changes and some tricky little bridges too. Like my man up top, thinking about the next xhord and figuring out the natural way to transition is the key. the last eight or twelve bars are really fun to play , slows down the song and just sound perfect. Zep are my friends.
uh, might sound like an asshole but, tab talk forum

on topic though i havent learned to play this one yet
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