just started listening to this band. theyre pretty good. hope i picked the right genre. any more information on this band would be great seeing as i know nothing about them .
i heard of these guys liek a year ago , they kick ASS!!!

forgive spelling errors as im very tired and was in the chat (if any eroros)
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I got their EP last week which is pretty damn good. I listened to their new song "Situations" on Purevolume and sadly it sucks. For instance take this stupid line from the lyrics "I touched ohh she touched, my ahhh it was the craziest thing." it sounds like something from a crappy RnB song, I mean come on guys you can do better than that!

reason being they have attended hawthorne heights school of pointless, steretypical faux-passionate 'emo' rock, graduated and gone back to give lectures.