Symphony of The Night

I wake to a noise pulsing through the air
A note of passion rings in this castle
I search for it but find nothing
I long for it but there is nothing
But as I move along
These notes gently turn to song
And as I grow near I feel it call to me

The foyer lay just ahead
With promise to find what I seek
Nothing is there, but the music resides
With each note I hear I start to lose faith
Where is this music I hear, evading my eye

Sudden silence, but not for long
A single violin, the notes dance to my ear
I turn to find a violin with no player
Suspended it plays this sound I hear
With a final note its master appears

And as C turns to D and D turns to E
This solo returns back to symphony
Just as I think my eyes will not see
These players of the grave appear before me

Who is the composer of these sounds no men know?
These dark sonatas and perfect fugues
As I approach this composer a genius, a madman
To ask him who or what he may be

I turn to a shadow, a man in the door
And realize the music has seized
I turn once again only to find
This ghostly orchestra has disappeared
As the man picks me up he speaks to me
?What are you doing, my child??
And as we make our way down the corridor
I glance back to find the composer appear
For one final performance only I can hear