Hey all, i'm new to the guitar community and hopefully will be here for a long time! I'm nearly 16 and have decided to buy an electric guitar, and i am also going to be starting the guitar as well!

I have looked at the 10 Commandments, but i still can't figure it out.

My current budget is about AUD$600-$700 (australian) and i have been advised to buy parts seperately and here are my main few things that i'm looking to buy:

- Guitar
- Amp
- Lead
- Case
- Strap
- Picks

I have read many reviews saying that packs are bad quality, i have also made a couple of choices to what i might buy.

Ok so forget about the case, strap, lead and picks for now, i can figure those out myself, I need more help in the guitar and amp areas.

I have talked to many of my friends for the past week, and am nearly 100% on what i am going to get.

Since i am just starting, i have taken some time to think. my playing style will mainly be metal/rock (for example - maybe some simple ACDC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters), but as a beginner, my playing style could vary. And since i am deciding on a metal/rock mix, my chosen brand at the moment is Ibanez, however, with your advice it might change.

My chosen Ibanez guitar at the moment is th RG170DX (or GRG, im not sure). I have chosen this guitar, as it is a reasonable guitar and it isn't the worst one in the Ibanez range, but once again it could change with your advice!

My amp might be VOX 15 Watt amp, not sure of the model, but i based my decision on the fact that it is cheaper than Marshall Amps, however, it is better than other practise amps (fender, squier, etc.)

Also, if i were to ever buy i guitar, i will talk to the shop workers as well, but hopefully by then my decision is made. I know that i will need to test the guitar, but now clue what to do to test it (remember! im only starting electric guitar). But these are just small things, i shouldn't worry about yet, i just need some advice from all you guitarists on where to go on my decisions!

Thanks in advance for the help guys!
the 170?meh.
the bridge's totally crap,go for the discontinued RG5xx series
Ibanez SA160QM
Laney HCM10
Squier Bullet Strat
MXR Carbon Copy
Zoom Tri Metal
Modtone Flanger(mini)
Korg Pitchblack
Timtone acoustic
if you're going for an ibanez, get one with hardtail, not with a trem cause they are no good.
i think the amp will be fine.
The trems aren't bad if you don't use them.

I have a GSA60. I don't use the trem, and it stays in tune pretty well now that the strings have stretched. I've heard that the Yamaha Pacifica 112 is good, too.

As for the amp, I have a Vox Pathfinder 10. It's not that good really. It sounds great clean and with a light overdrive, but kick in too much gain and it goes awfully buzzy. If you're going for a Vox, there's always the kickass Valvetronix series.

When trying a guitar, here are things to look out for:
-Comfort. Does it feel nice and easy to play? YOu don't want a guitar that'll make you suffer.
-Construction. If the neck comes off, that's not good. Make sure it's quite solidly built, cos it'll be your main axe for a long time.
-Tone. You obviously want it to sound good. This is mostly a matter of preference. A lot of beginners guitars may sound similar.

As for amps:
-Ease of use. YOu gotta be able to dial in a good tone easily.
-Power. You don't need a 100 watt stack if it's your first amp and you're only playing in your bedroom. For you, 10-20 watts is ideal.

I recommend:
-Ibanez GSA60
-Ibanez RG321 if you have more money
-Yamaha Pacifica 112
-Epiphone Les Paul standards (also cost a bit more)
-Vox Valvetronix amps.

They all look like that.
-Ask the shop workers if you're not sure. Print out this page so you remember what stuff to look out for.

-Squier Bullet guitars. If it's a Squier and it's made in china, there's a good chance it'll SUCK!
-Aria amps
-Cheap epiphones. Same as cheap squiers.

Good Luck!
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