recently ive been getting into recording some of my ideas... and i realised that no matter what or how solid of an idea i have ill always just sort of trail off after about a minute or somtimes less it sounds great and it all resolves but yeah a minute wont really cut it for an average listener....

so has anyone ever had this problem and how should i go about getting over it?
and its not like im just out of licks and ideas either it just feels like i should wrap it up or itl sound suck sooo i do
sounds like all your doing is one rift maybe? try putting a few rifts together. and then throw some lyrics on there, it'll stretch it out.
nope full fretboard i learned all me boxes... i really hate teh sound of people playing in the same box all the time its ok for a bit but then its just sorta like .... ok we get it enough

Edit: haha and as for lyrics... umm yeah that would void my playing of any musical value what so ever hrmm or mabey make it seem really good by comparison i dunno
i'm sorry i don't know what you mean by box. and you should learn to hold a rift without thinking about it. that'll help you sing and play. how long are your "ideas" are you repeating them, and if so how many times. A song isn't a song unless you throw some words over it. Unless its an instrumental, then this is an entirely different question.