can i put a new bridge with tremolo in to my strat as my tremolo got stuck in there and it got snapped
i know so i will e pleased if ne1 helps me on this
by the way its a strat copy so will it be okay to get the fender floyd rose licensed version

will it fit????
You cant put a floyd in there with addtional routing, and putting the locking nut on.
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Stop bumping, its annoying. I don't think the fender LFR will fit. If you get a regular fender bridge, and try to put it in a squier, it won't fit. I doubt this is any different.
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why not just take the leftover bar out and buy a new bar, you'd be saving a lot of money considering that your only concern is that the bar broke and now you need a new one.
just replace the bar or if it's snapped in the hole get a new trem block

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