this is what came out one day out of anger and then some random ass peaces of stuff i thought sounded good. i'd really love feed back on any peace or song thats up here please be honest

Face to face your words mean none
just walk off the face of the earth
cause your done
UNited we stand And divided you fall
Step up to me and get ready to crawl

You try so hard but you still can't see
when you look to the sky
and leave your back to me
again your gonna fall
once more you're on the floor


One chance to make it happen
fight till you cannot breathe
Can't stop this war around you
mayhem spreads into your brain

every time i try to help you
turns to war it turns to war

one last chance but your gonna fight for it
your gonna fight for that last chance

Run toward the safety
run to your houses
run to your family
the poisons in your mind

the last time you tried
the first time you failed
fight to stay alive
a coffin filled with nails
"Step up"

YOur loosing hte things in your life
that you've worked so hard to obtain
you dont seem to care all that godamn much
are you ****in insane

because you don't understand
waht it means when you loose it all
and then you gotta fight
yeah dig down deep
to keep the things you want and need
the things you strive
tryed for
cried for
the things you'd ****in die for


these are the times
that you have to realize
you can't trun and run away
those times have changed
thats when you gotta

step up for you life and rights
step up for you dreams and follow through

just step up
step up off the ground
Step up to the muther****ers keepin you down

get off the ground get off the ground
dont let them keep you down keep you down

Step up Step up
Break them down

Step up step up
break them down

Step up Step up
Break them down now
i would really appriciate some honest feed back