As the title says, I'm being offered a "Stag" guitar for $90AU, and I can't get ahold of photos. So I was just wondering whether anybody's even HEARD of a Stag guitar?

I'm unsure as to whether it's a brand or model, but I've worked out it's definately not a Stang. hahaha.

So any help would be.. err... helpful?
It's like a Squire...a starter off startocaster guitar.
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its a brand that does ****ty knock offs ive played a few decent ones but for the most part crap the music store in my pos town keeps trying to sell them off to stupid kids just starting out and refuses to stock anything decent cause they make such good money off the emo brats who look at guitar like a fad
there are plenty of cheap stag copies as mentioned above, easily found on sites like ebay. For instande they are mainly fenders,or gibson lp mimiks for very little price.
Are you talking about Stagg? (double g) I have a classical guitar by Stagg and it was very cheap and it's good for a beginner but sh*t compared to other classical guitars.
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