whats a good guitar amp for stuff like ac/dc, ledd zepplin, System of a Down,
and basically classick rock and metal?

P.s if you could have any guitar in the world, what would you pick?
id have to say a gibson firebird, or the new gibson sg supreme which amp to go with them: I have no idea =D
Marshall Valve amp.

If I had several thousand in my pocket I would probably get a custom shop Jackson Soloist with an inverted headstock, would be the twin humbucker version with the Floyd Rose.
My dream guitar would probably be the above made by Hamer and finished by one of Jacksons airbrush artists.
I suggest a JCM 800 or 900 for the classic tones and add a OD pedal for Sytemish like tones.

Though i choose not to play your game because it is so overdone
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